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  29. e Montreal Canadiens for personal reasons,
  30. who are 3-2 on the heels of a five-gam
  31. ecessarily recognized as one of the m
  32. astern Wisconsin.But his last pass a
  33. cca took advantage of Cristian Alvarezs
  34. ssed a major penalty for boarding on
  35. by the Major League Soccer club.B
  36. third base and batting seventh. Cabre
  37. ng result after rallying for a 2-1 le
  38. on from their American Hockey League aff
  39. erto Rico. Dillon Brooks scored 26 points on
  40. Monday in Maricopa County Superior
  41. 6-5 Saturday. Brauns first at-bat at Mar
  42. cott Baker. The 32-year-
  43. to Toronto for a physical a
  44. s have been punished for failing to remove sk
  45. said: Federer is one of the
  46. n taking its goal tally
  47. the London Knights toppled the
  48. oals and added three assists to lead t
  49. hitting from the 3-hole in the Angels lineup n
  50. penalty-kill percentage i
  51. Seattle Mariners to a 5-2 win ov
  52. to becomes a free agent this winte
  53. is years Premier League Darts as Rob
  54. for the fantasy football waiver wire this late into
  55. ple shifts to return to top form Thursd
  56. in bitter disappointment for the Calgary
  57. but in combination with hamstring and just
  58. th two strikeouts. The Cardinals w
  59. s defensive tackle Nick Fairley suffere
  60. will go to Triple-A Round Rock.
  61. hey did during whole of last season.
  62. eetings on home ice. The Caps recently ear
  63. alks while striking out a pair
  64. rani upset former Roland Garros titlist Li Na in
  65. the ninth and Jason Motte struck
  66. eneral manager John Elway, has plead
  67. enguins topped the Columbus Blue Jac
  68. ike Tannenbaum. The team hired Idzik as ge
  69. l and an assist apiece to lift
  70. in the opener. They were 4 for 13
  71. scorer Matt Duchene (knee) f
  72. Collins says the club will have Nies
  73. Pistorius shot throu
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  81. through the mens final, as a crash too
  82. and Pau Gasol in the
  83. amloops, B.C., the host cit
  84. roving he is worth every penny of h
  85. had some plays where hes forced the is
  86. g the Orlando Magic to
  87. t Gagnier scored 90.00 points to win s
  88. a telephone hearing today with the NHL Dep
  89. ored 27 points to lead the Brooklyn
  90. Thrash was once "arrested" for steal
  91. Matic and Bertrand Traore.
  92. ch Peverley will miss three weeks after u
  93. h watching the Colorado bullpen prese
  94. past England to claim their 11th Cup ch
  95. urgh Pirates winning streak ended, one of
  96. have signed offensive tackle JMarcus Webb
  97. records as they became the fourth and
  98. ld Sterlings purported comment
  99. fill this weekend on the road against t
  100. most intense periods in its history with six
  101. e next week, and both have drawn
  102. ontact practice with the Montreal Can
  103. instated infielder/catcher Jordan Pacheco
  104. stage in the Champions League, Bayern Mun
  105. on has been set at $133 million, th
  106. m round 16 of Super League XXI. Denny
  107. Earl Bennett about a month after
  108. rikson gave Sweden a sweep of the sp
  109. has been kept open by the New Y
  110. ng after spending the
  111. terms with outfielder Daniel Nava on a one
  112. y Memorial Trophy for
  113. ved forward Brandon Davies, leaving their
  114. e Jackets forward Ryan Johansen, Ottaw
  115. is out of the hospital and spendin
  116. ted meeting with Phil Taylor in Rotterdam, w
  117. th in a row, with Kyle Lohse coming w
  118. osh (The Peoples Warrior) Burkman at UFC 181
  119. n outfielder and designated hitter Raul
  120. ta to beat Ludogorets Razgrad 3-0
  121. ssippi State remained the top team in the lat
  122. night had 20 points and eight assists in
  123. as the top prospect in the game
  124. ideal preparation for the playoffs
  125. under the pressure, get frustrated or le
  126. claimed running back Ben Tate off wa
  127. o says striker Diego Costa will be available for
  128. frica, Iraq and Denmark in Group A for
  129. ork twice as it moved into fourth spot,
  130. going ahead with its planned traini
  131. with the Flyers season on the line and for
  132. Arizona at the site of the Super Bowl
  133. his hot scoring with the second-h
  134. ird shutout of the season and the
  135. when the score was 88-86 with 4.4 seconds
  136. defensive end Anthony Spencer to a
  137. gulation time and was the lone sc
  138. d a 24-save shutout and Kael Mouillierat s
  139. for 10 matches on Tuesday for makin
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  150. n will play his first rehab gam
  151. ded goaltender Jeremy Smith to the
  152. ent of a leg injury. Dreger says that th
  153. ossession lead in the opening six minutes of t
  154. six-minute stretch of the third per
  155. und of the Tashkent Open on Tuesda
  156. oth players missed practice all wee
  157. ver their last 11 games, but the
  158. r block him out or hes getting a put back
  159. ot Button First, Second and Third al
  160. d has acknowledged he was a bitter disa
  161. mes as many strikeouts as
  162. tended and bruised left knee.
  163. inst average and .911 save
  164. at goal from 15 metres. He then
  165. ed ended because of an upper-bod
  166. the Bruins came out after halftime, Hu
  167. Conference semifinals.The second
  168. ome showcase for Teibert, a native of
  169. Johnson kicked the ball at Salcedos
  170. fielder Wil Myers on the 15-day di
  171. ilenko has opted to remain w
  172. this months Australian Open becaus
  173. his club hosts the struggling P
  174. before it began. The 49ers confirmed
  175. ova of Slovakia, who saved
  176. to a one-year contract with running
  177. s from an injury rehabilitation sta
  178. ol boss Jurgen Klopp about his fut
  179. ot fixing allegations after cons
  180. players being injured during it
  181. burg midfielder Junior Malanda died in
  182. GD PTS Finland 4 2 1 1 0 18 10
  183. terms with free-agent forward Chris M
  184. Clarke will join Ben and Kammy on
  185. Richard Gasquet and reigning champ
  186. sons technical staff by appointing Mart
  187. ternational Hatem Ben Arfa has returned t
  188. is Antetokounmpo each poste
  189. hris Pressley just one month after si
  190. point guard Kemba Walker will m
  191. n Womens Tour event Wednesday, t
  192. tre and Kali Christ were all w
  193. ft wing Dany Heatley to a one-year
  194. .J. Brennan to a one-year, one-way con
  195. The Brewers said Friday that Hart will
  196. to the person standing alone. Sarah
  197. um, the TV personality dons the cla
  198. ave women as members for
  199. will be sidelined for approximately six wee
  200. nouncement to the assembled media Monday
  201. n with the Giants after eight years in Ph
  202. ulgheru last week in Bucha
  203. d left-wing David Booth to the AHLs Ut
  204. estern Hockey League overcame an
  205. Pedroia is expected to be ready for Bos
  206. zards avoided playing a third over
  207. right-handed pitchers Kevin Shackelf
  208. quarterback Jason Maas as their n
  209. ck to Ottawa to meet with team
  210. r attention to Jon Lester following Pablo
  211. duct detrimental to the team No
  212. ve rebounds to give No. 4 Duke a 74-54
  213. Oilers fan, but would you throw your jers
  214. race managed an even-par 72 in
  215. ond?right leg fracture in as many s2 in
  216. expected to miss six weeks with
  217. d forward Rob Klinkhammer and a
  218. host Equatorial Guinea has appoint
  219. set the fastest time in Saturday
  220. ty for the playoff-hopeful Wash
  221. Monday that he will next fight f
  222. e Premier Leagues relegation zone a
  223. in front after only 24 minutes whil
  224. rgh Steelers will be without running
  225. n signed with the Texans afte
  226. quarterback Keith Price. The move c
  227. goals to lead the United States to gold w
  228. he game-winning goal early in
  229. . Fairley suffered a MCL and
  230. player whose body was found in
  231. ull force for the Fall Preview.
  232. derer" Silva and Chael "The American G
  233. g staff in a big way late Tuesday night, repor
  234. e a 1-1 Major League Soccer d
  235. Martin Kaymer fired a bogey-fre
  236. ed, ending his seven-year care
  237. up the fifth-year option on the co
  238. for assignment on Tuesday to mak
  239. seman Adam LaRoche on the
  240. t four games before the Olym
  241. rlins and Washington Nationals scheduled f
  242. Bills has been suspended for
  243. plans to produce a documentary ser
  244. nded pitcher Joel Peralta on the
  245. y landed them in top spot in the TSN.
  246. nd stage of the Tour of Basque
  247. awn from his European heavyweight tit
  248. an Gerbe he has been placed
  249. entina in Serie A on Saturday to keep a
  250. retiring after struggling with an