NAIROBI, March 29 (Xinhua) -- The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) 20 Share Index continued with its rally Wednesday to hit 3,128.44 points, the highest level in recent months.

On Tuesday, the benchmark index had surged 10 points while Monday, it increased by 21 points pointing to the positive direction the large stocks were taking.

Some 26 million shares valued at 5 million U.S. dollars were traded Wednesday, up from the same shares worth 4.9 million dollars posted Tuesday.

Safaricom was the day's top traded stock after moving 13 million shares at 0.18 dollars, a drop from 15 million shares.

Barclays Bank and Equity Bank followed in the second and third positions after trading 4.1 million and 3.3 million shares at 0.08 dollars and 0.32 dollars respectively.

Athi River Mining and NIC Bank closed the list of to five stocks after moving 1.1 million at new high of 0.19 dollars and 924,000 shares at 0.24 dollars respectively.

The All Share Index (NASI) shed 0.91 points to settle at 130.61 while the NSE 25 Share Index was up 4.86 points to stand at 3473.78.

At the bonds market, turnover increased slightly to 45 million dollars compared to 40 million dollars registered the previous session. All was quiet at the recently introduced the Exchange Traded Funds market segment.

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