I was nervous, honestly. My heart was in my throat for that show. First of all, to anybody who was at that show, Nike Free Run 2.0 Donne I would like to personally apologize for how brutally hot it was, ‘cause it was scorching at that skate park. The front row was one of those things where, as the show was Nike Air Vapormax Donne coming together, we started to hear bits and pieces of who was interested in coming and how real it was starting to become. I remember when we got the call that Justin and Hailey were probably going to come. Probably 15 minutes later we got the call that LeBron was definitely going to www.tonyrusconi.it come. Everybody was basically reduced to who they were as children. People were skipping. The music just got turned up to the max.
I saw that Bieber came up after the show. What did he say to you?
He's such a good person. He congratulated me on the collection. I think he had heard that I had just gotten married and he was just congratulating me on that. I was congratulating him on [his and Baldwin's] engagement. For Nike Air VaporMax Damen the scale of the moment and the fact that LeBron was standing with us, it was a very, very normal conversation. It was just a really Nike Air Max 270 Damen cool, down-to-earth conversation about life, getting married, and what it was like, and what life has been like since. The only difference was probably that my heart rate was probably at 145.Yeah. Well, obviously started out with some highlights from the show and stuff that he wanted—that was a no brainer.
I basically repurposed a blanket—it’s like a tapestry Adidas ZX 700 Donne blanket that I did in basketball shorts. Justin, he loved those shorts. I don't think he ever got the all-white [Nike LeBron] Icon. He wanted to know if I had a pair with me right then because I think he wanted that. He wanted to take them, and I think he wanted to have LeBron sign them. If I was wearing them, I would have literally given Nike Air VaporMax Dam them to him, but yeah. We missed on that one.
How does someone like Whoopi Goldberg end up at your show?
That's a great question. God, I Nike Air Max 97 Donne wish I had an answer that was probably better than the one that I'm going to give you. The truth is I don't know how. Honestly, I don't.
When I look back on the photos of that show, there are photos that are shocking, where you're like, "I cannot fucking believe we pulled this off." There's a photo of Pete Davidson sitting on the bowl with his feet hanging down with his shirt off. You're like, "That's a black-and-white Adidas Superstar Dam photograph of Pete Davidson sweating his ass off with his shirt off in a skate park. It literally looks like he just jumped out of the bowl."
Then you look at the next photo and it's the same deal. You see the contours and the shadows of the skate park, but it's LeBron James with Adidas Superstar Damen his arm around Whoopi Goldberg. You can't help but just smile and think, "God, this is pop culture." It felt like it really cracked several walls, several boundaries into culture. It was something that was really, really meaningful. You have Pete Davidson with his shirt off, because you have Whoopi Goldberg, because you have Ben Simmons sitting next to Justin Bieber. You have, of course, the King there. You have LeBron James in the building. When he walked in, several people told me, it was just a collective gasp because he's the nucleus right now.