It would certainly be easier if we could point our finger at a single source of marine pollution, but the answer isn't that simple. In truth, all of us are to blame for this ecological mess.

Some of the sources of pollution that have been identified include"

- Oil Spills - Illegal ocean dumping, shipping and industrial accidents, or faulty equipment have all led to numerous marine catastrophes. - Toxic Materials - Slowly degrading metals and chemicals enter our waterways daily. Everyday household chemicals, industrial waste products, animal waste, and leakage from automobiles are all lumped into the category of toxic Cheap Cigarettes Outlet materials and are causing our problem of marine pollution

- Trash - Non-biodegradable plastics entering our oceans result in animals getting tangled up in them or they may mistake them for food and die.

- Mining - Coastal mining sites and other erosion makers threaten our waterfronts from the run off of pollutants on the ground to air pollution where impurities in the air find their way to the oceans.

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