1. Article Name: Men's Silver fiber toe socks
2. Trademark: Kazhtex
3. Item no.: C314108
4. Product Level: Top-quality
5. Component: 60% Cotton 29% Nylon 7% silver Fiber 4% Spandex
6. Executive Standard: FZ/T73011-2008 FZ/T73023-2006
Safety Category: GB18401-2010 B class
7. Patent No. of China: ZL 2013 2 0792279.2
8. Available for Size EU38/US6—EU45/US10
9. Thickness: think
10.Season: For four seasons

At present, many products in China will remind people of fakes and insecurity. The US has explicitly declared the prohibition on anti-bacterial nanoparticle silver to be used in textiles, while products made of which are still all the rage in China. Changing this situation is beyond the ability of a single company like us, yet we still need to live up to the most basic requirement in life – conscience. Instead of binding itself to pinnacle of mortality, Kazhtex® will develop the company with its conscience.China Men Socks