I'm currently working on a video (editing in Resolve 12) where I need to use some of my clients old family photos as cutaways. They have all been supplied by the client as jpegs and Resolve recognises most of them as images. However, there are a handful that Resolve seems to think are videos. As you can see from the attached screenshot the "Type" is "Video" on some of them, even though the "Format" is "JPEG". The images which Resolve thinks are videos take on the properties of a video clip with 3 frames so it won't let me extend the in and out points beyond 3 frames. The best work around I've found so far is cutting it into the timeline, going to the Color tab and selecting "Grab Still" then exporting that still as a jpeg from Resolve and re-importing it.Has anyone else had this experience? I can't notice anything different about the photo properties between the ones that work and the ones that don't.

Any help will be apprecited.

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