When John Elway decided to move on from Vance Joseph as the head coach of the Denver Broncos Authentic Derek Wolfe Jersey , everyone knew change and upheaval was necessarily coming. It started with a week-long search for the next head coach that ultimately settled on Vic Fangio who was the defensive coordinator for the league-best defense of the Chicago Bears.From there, it took some times to gather up all of the assistants with a speed bump along the way after Elway and Fangio came to an impasse with Gary Kubiak over offensive philosophy and assistant hires that led to Kubiak leaving Denver for the Minnesota Vikings. The dust has all settled and we now have a brand new defensive-minded coaching staff to discuss with the Denver Broncos. Head Coach: Vic FangioFangio is one of the NFL’s most respected defensive minds and has coached some of the best defenses over the past eight seasons with both the San Francisco 49ers and Bears. His hiring signals that Elway is looking to retain the defensive greatness that led to their Super Bowl 50 title. Offensive Coordinator: Rich ScangarelloKubiak’s departure opened the door for what Elway had hinted at all along, which was bringing in someone younger with a strong background in college concepts. The hiring of Scangarello is likely to be Elway’s biggest risk here, but with the NFL rapidly evolving it is a risk he had to make for this franchise. We’ll have to see how this one plays out. Offensive AssistantsMike Munchak - Offensive LineCurtis Modkins - Running BacksZach Azzanni - Wide ReceiversT.C. McCartney - QuarterbacksWade Harman - Tight EndsChris Kuper - OL AssistantRob Calabrese - Offensive AssistantDefensive Coordinator: Ed DonatellDonatell was the Broncos defensive backs assistant during their 1997-98 Super Bowl runs and has been an assistant under Fangio for the past eight seasons. He has had two stints as defensive coordinator in the NFL already. His hiring was crucial for Fangio to be both the head coach and implement his brand of defense here in Denver.Defensive AssistantsBill Kollar - Defensive LineBrandon Staley - Outside LinebackersReggie Herring - Inside LinebackersRenaldo Hill - Defensive BacksNathaniel Willingham - Defensive Quality ControlChris Beake - Defensive AssistantSpecial Teams Coordinator: Tom McMahonAfter the disaster under Brock Olivo’s leadership in 2017, the Broncos were pleased with McMahon’s turnaround with that unit. The explosive plays were not there in the return game, but until that fateful 99-yard return against the Oakland Raiders the unit was strong in defending against returns. Special Teams AssistantsChris Gould - Assistant Special Teams CoordinatorStrength & Conditioning: Loren LandowI am not sure how to analyze Landow’s performance in 2018. The team suffered many devastating injuries to its most important stars and after a time I began to miss Luke Richesson as it seemed like the Broncos remained relatively free of those terrible injuries when he was here, as did the Houston Texans during their playoff run in 2018. Hopefully, Landow improves the Broncos health throughout the course of a 16-game regular season in 2019. When the going gets tough in sports, you call on your veterans to be real with you and help motivate to pull you through - and that’s what we’re doing in the Ultimate Fan Guide this week!the_prodigal_fan is a Broncos’ lifer who isn’t afraid to take off the orange & blue glasses and be critical of his favorite team. Mathematically the Broncos are still in the playoff hunt, but after their performance last week against the Niners, it’s debatable whether the team knew that. All hope is not lost, however, because the Broncos still have a “winning season” to fight for plus some franchise pride in not letting an 11-game win streak for the Broncos over the Browns come to an end.Let’s hope Vance Joseph decided to show this team some clips from John Elway’s iconic wins over the Browns, because if “The Drive” or “The Fumble” don’t inspire you to play your asses off until the clock is 0:00, then this pro game isn’t for you.Week 15: Browns at BroncosMHR - Wow. What happened last week against the 49ers?the_prodigal_fan: What happened is a Vance Joseph-coached team regressing to its mean. We lost a game to what is probably the worst team we have faced this season. It wasn’t because of talent that we lost. Yes, we are ravaged by injuries, but so are they. I STILL have no idea who the hell their QB was. As bad as our personnel situation currently is Womens Adam Gotsis Jersey , the Niners have it worse. This loss was due to terrible preparation and THAT is due to coaching. So, long story short, what happened? Vance Joseph happened. MHR - I’ve been asked this question a lot this week, so let me ask you - which part of this team has you more worried (related to winning games THIS season) - the offense or the defense? the_prodigal_fan: Currently, it’s the defense. Does anyone have any idea who is suiting up at CB this week? Roby and who? Yeah, with all of the injuries, this defense is a sieve. MHR - We knew the loss of Emmanuel Sanders and Chris Harris Jr. would be big. Do you think some of the issues last week were because of not having two of our best leaders out on the field? Or was it more just not having their All-Pro production? Or both?the_prodigal_fan: It’s a combination of the two, without question. These two guys are not merely veteran leaders. They are also the best players we have at their respective positions. Losing all of that hurts in a major way. I think the more visible of the two losses is that of Sanders. We simply don’t have anyone we can rely on to catch passes. All of our TEs are out, DT is gone, what guys we have are inexperienced, and Keenum is pedestrian. MHR - How much confidence do you have in Joe Woods and Bill Musgrave to have their units prepared (good film study, good scheme comprehension) as well as a good game plan for the Browns?the_prodigal_fan: None whatsoever. MHR - Which “match-up” will be the toughest this weekend for the Broncos to overcome - Myles Garrett v. Garett Bolles & the O-line? Bradley Roby/Tramaine Brock v. Jarvis Landry? Von Miller/Bradley Chubb v. Baker Mayfield? David Njoku v. the linebackers? Vance Joseph v. the challenge flag?the_prodigal_fan: Roby and Brock vs. Landry. Roby is a serviceable corner, but he loses that match-up every time, and he’s a lot better than Brock. That has the potential to result in a very long day for the Broncos. MHR - Mayfield has gotten his Browns’ team fired up to play aggressive, throw caution to the wind and do whatever it takes to win - or “playing with House money” as Phil Milani noted earlier this week. How does that compare to how the Broncos are playing and what would you do in practice this week to be ready for this team? the_prodigal_fan: It doesn’t compare at all. Mayfield does what Keenum does not, which is take risks and push the ball down the field. Of course, he has raw talent that Keenum can only dream of Authentic Chris Harris Jr Jersey , so there’s that. The Browns have suffered for a long time with a never-ending turnstile at the QB position. With Mayfield, it looks like they’ve finally found a bonafide star to lean on. As far as what to do in practice, I think we need to throw the kitchen sink at him in order to have a chance. Blitz him on virtually every play. If we can put consistent pressure on him and get him rattled, he will make rookie mistakes. He also tends to be a gunslinger, so he is susceptible to being baited into forcing throws that he shouldn’t. As Mayfield goes, so go the Browns.MHR - We have two rookies contending for (even if unlikely to get) Rookie of the Year in Bradley Chubb and Phillip Lindsay. How big is that for the rest of those units to see two rookies lighting it up on the field? the_prodigal_fan: I’m sure it’s simply huge. These guys are the future of our team, and as bad as the present seems, the future looks bright. That means a lot, especially in the midst of what is essentially a lost season. MHR - How worried are you about David Njoku this week?